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St. Ted's EYC


St. Ted's EYC, for grades 7th-12th, has had a great kickoff this summer! We have made plans, dabbled in community outreach, made Anglican Rosaries, participated in an instructional Eucharist, and had an amazing float trip. Now its time to plan our fall activities, continue building our community, have fun and make the Harris Annex our own! With the kickoff of Sunday School and our fun Open House night, we will take a break in August and resume our regularly scheduled meetings in September. We will discuss meeting dates during the Open House on August 20th and the first day of Sunday School so be sure not to miss!!

Special note to the St. Theodore’s Parishioners
WE NEED YOU! Please consider providing a meal for an EYC meeting, breakfast for a Breakfast Club Sunday School or to be a chaperone at a future event. Contact Ivee Lowry at to schedule a meal!

Do you want one more way to help out the EYC and the new PrEYC??? We will be updating the classroom for PrEYC and reclaiming the Harris Annex for EYC. Our wish list for these spaces include:
-clean gently used furniture for BOTH spaces (couches, love seats, floor pillows, floor gaming rockers, chairs)
-a mini fridge for the PrEYC classroom;
-a refrigerator and microwave for the EYC space;
-television and DVD player for PrEYC;
-television and DVD player for EYC
-materials for a group building project for the EYC room


 As we grow this ministry we will be focused on several things.

First, we want to create an environment in which youth have a safe place to explore the Christian faith and come to deepen their relationships with God and each other.

Second, we want to have fun!

Third, we want to set an example of what our faith calls us to in serving others as Christ has called each of us to. We hope to be an example of an active, intentional, and spiritually healthy Christian community.

Oh, and sometimes we will seem a little wild and crazy, but know that it is all in good fun and for the purpose of serving God.

​If you or someone you know is interested in joining us please email or contact our office for more information.

In God’s Name We Play!
St. Ted’s EYC