Who We Are


Who We Are


St. Theodore's Episcopal Church 

While we are situated in what was once a retirement community, today St. Theodore’s is the church home to an increasing number of young professionals and their families. Our Mission Statement best describes who we are:  

We are an Episcopal community that fosters hope, spirituality, and fellowship in a nourishing environment where everyone of all ages can achieve God's call for their lives. 

 Our worship follows the best traditions and forms prescribed in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  The 8 AM service follows the traditional language of the Rite I liturgy, while the 10:30 AM service incorporates the more contemporary language of the Rite II liturgy. We get together for Morning Prayer on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:30 AM.

 Regarding pastoral care, our church families are divided by geographical location into Shepherd Groups who are charged to care for each other.  This includes social gatherings, providing meals as needed due to medical issues or illness, providing aid and comfort at the time of a death and hosting receptions after funerals per the family’s requests. Our Agape groups (dinner for eight) are formed of four couples per spring and fall quarter to allow for more intimate gatherings of both old and new parishioners.  Over the years various parish activities have included picnics, Sipping Under the Stars, Shrove Tuesday Pancake dinners, and Thanksgiving and Easter dinners.  The various Sunday school classes, men’s groups and women’s groups all provide many opportunities for all to work and play and pray together.

Please join us!